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The Authors behind "MayboleAlternativeFacts"

We moved to Maybole in 2014 and decided that this town could do with a bit of humour.


Most of the content was written around 1 April 2017 and I intended to publish the link to this page on that day. However - your webmistress for this page is learning on the job and felt that the remaining layout issues had to be resolved first. I started the page anyway with a couple of not-quite-serious posts and will probably add more stories whenever I read some news that makes me shake my head or when I've had a few glasses of wine.

Some of the stories have also been written to encourage you to think "outside the box". What you read may not happen in the real world, but could inspire you to try something completely different. Nothing to lose, right?

I can't please everyone and I don't intend to offend everyone. Let's just have a bit of fun.

Any amateur authors out there?

Send me your story (through the contact page) and I might add it. 

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