5 things to know this week

Some little known items about Maybole and South Ayrshire - past and present:

  1. Robert Burns' brother William used to camp where the Skate Park is located now. William was a bit of a rebel who also managed to grab a whole stack of manuscripts from Robert and threw them on the campfire when camping.

  2. The first Scottish "Litter 'Lympics" are likely to come to Maybole. Disciplines up for consideration are so far

  • Pyramid Can building for IrnBru, Tennants and Strongbow

  • Speedy Bag Filling

  • Bag Lifting (full bags for Seniors and half bags for Juniors)

  • Team Competitions for fastest 4-bag-fills and oldest dated item retrieved

  1. Maybole to be renamed from "Ancient Capital of Carrick" to "Capital of Ancient Litter"

  2. Applications for "Deepest Public Pothole" (DPP) awards to open soon (this is subject to government funding)

  3. Skate Park identified as potential landing strip for small aircraft and helicopters (read full post here)