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Scotland to adopt compulsory environmental engagement scheme?

You may have seen on news sites some time ago - Andrea Leadsom, a leading UK politician, initiated a discussion about encouraging young Britons to take up fruit-picking jobs .

Scotland may now go the extra mile and in addition to offering fruit picking options, the scheme will be expanded to dealing with litter. We spoke to Iain Sgudail, an expert in dealing with assorted litter, who recently took up residence in Maybole and is thought to be very committed to supporting the scheme: "We've let things slip far too long - I'm now in a position where I can actively oversee the situation around my new environment. Although I'm confident that I'll be able to do my part and will be around for a very long time, I'll need the younger generation to support my efforts. Whenever they are out and about, they can feel confident to approach me and get involved."

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