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Crossing the road? - Don't forget to bring your wallet or your smartphone!

Does this sound familiar?:

  • The pedestrian light at a traffic light turns green and you are wondering whether you can make it before it goes red again?

  • You are about to cross and your neighbour is coming across from the other side - how can you possible not have a chat?

  • Out with the children and they always find those big lorries super fascinating. Wondering how to get the little ones across in time?

Scotland is trialling a new scheme that allows locals to buy extra time to cross the road. While use of pedestrian "on demand" traffic lights will continue to be free, it will only give you 20-40 seconds of green light to cross the street.

With the new "pay-as-you-cross" (PAYC) scheme you can simply insert a coin into the slot at the new traffic lights or - if you are about to get caught out half way through crossing, press a dedicated button on your smartphone to purchase additional crossing time of up to 5 minutes (download of app and sign-up with payment details required). After purchase the traffic light will display your remaining time to cross, so you can safely chat with your neighbour in the middle of the road or take a selfie with your children in front of that cool lorry!

Adapted traffic lights will be phased in from 2018 and we understand that Maybole is going to be high on the priority list.

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