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Maybole Skatepark to be turned in landing strip for small aircraft!

A new use for Maybole Skatepark has been proposed: usually well-informed sources indicated that there are serious considerations to transform the tarmac into a runway to allow small aircraft to land in our up-and-coming town.

In recent years the skatepark has only attracted a small number of users, with several hours every day where this modern area was deserted. Unlike most other skateparks across the country, the Maybole facility has relatively few ramps installed which can easily be moved for scheduled hours to create a level surface that will be suitable for 4-6 seater aircraft. These are typically used by business entrepreneurs, but also for scheduled flights between some Scottish islands. A study has shown that the buildings on the site next to the skatepark will be ideal for use as maintenance buildings.

We spoke to two businessmen from the UK and asked if they would be likely to use the new site.

Thom A.S. Tall-Is, originally from Kent, is heavily involved in the music business: "I never would have thought to find such a convenient site where I can be close to business meetings in the Town Hall or church and then play a round of golf"

Willi Ambyrd, who attended a business meeting at a local church together with Tall-Is, added: "Best of all, it will also be possible to land our company helicopter and get it serviced at a fraction of the cost that we've been paying in London."

Both businessmen are looking forward to do their bit to promote local talent in Maybole and were delighted to hear that local talent such as garage mechanics would be upskilled in a weekend training course (sponsored by a commercial airline at Prestwick) to look after jets such as Tall-Is' and Ambyrd's jet (pictured below).

Scottish government have appointed consultant Craig Steall-Phlèan to oversee transformation of the skatepark into a multi-use "Air-Skate-Dome". While Steall-Phlèan was unable to comment on the expected completion date, he revealed exciting details:

"A viewing platform for plane spotters will be set up at Ladywell Gardens. The Catholic Church might offer 'fly-in-baptisms'. Where houses on Miller Terrace are going to be knocked down, landscaping is only the first step - we're looking to set up a substantial covered stand for airshows."

Those who would like to reserve space for their jets or helicopters are invited to contact the publishers of this news page to register their interest. Also, anyone with an interest in a catering or retail franchise at the Air-Skate-Dome should get in touch now to avoid disappointment.

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